Castles and Gardens

The history and heritage of north eastern Scotland is enshrined in its castles and gardens. Visit romantic ruins, beautifully maintained stately family homes and properties in the care of Historic Scotland.

Drumin Castle

Sited on a terrace above the junction of the Rivers Livet and Avon, the ruins of Drumin Castle occupy a natural strategic position. It was reputedly a former lair of the notorious ‘Wolf of Badenoch’, Alexander Stewart, one of the most notorious characters in Scottish history. Read more...

Ballindalloch Castle

Ballindalloch is one of the most beautiful castles in Scotland. Known as the Pearl of the North, it is located in the heart of Speyside. Surrounded by majestic hills, and with the tumbling waters of the Rivers Spey and Avon flowing through the grounds, the setting is truly magnificent. Ballindalloch is a much loved family home that has been occupied continuously by the Macpherson-Grants since 1546.

Drumin Castle Drumin Castle Ballindalloch Castle Ballindalloch Castle Balvenie Castle Balvenie Castle Auchindoun Castle Auchindoun Castle Corgarff Castle Corgarff Castle

Balvenie Castle

Balvenie is a striking fortification on first acquaintance. Partially hidden by woodland, there is more to this castle than meets the eye and the interior is very much larger than seems possible from the outside. Close inspection presents the visitor with a unique account of life many hundreds of years ago when the powerful Comyn earls ruled in Glenfiddich.

Auchindoun Castle

The picturesque ruins of Auchindoun Castle stand on a hilltop within the earthworks of an Iron Age hill fort just two miles to the south east of Dufftown. Its lonely and commanding situation evokes memories of a turbulent past and feuds between warring local clans.

Corgarff Castle

This beautifully restored castle with its star shaped ramparts is set amid spectacular scenery. It dates from 1537 and has seen very turbulent times. It played a prominent part in the Jacobite Risings of 1715 and 1745 and was converted into a barracks for Hanoverian troops in 1748. Its last military use was to house the English Redcoats who had the unpopular task of combating whisky smuggling.

Blairfindy Castle

This small castle was built by the Earl of Huntly in 1586. It is an impressive stronghold which is thought to have been built as a hunting lodge, but possibly with the purpose of controlling the main access to Gordon country from across the Ladder Hills.

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