Fishing the Rivers Avon and Livet

The Rivers Avon and Livet are major tributaries of the renowned River Spey. They have a significant reputation for the quality of the salmon and sea trout fishing that can be enjoyed along their reaches.

The River Avon

The river Avon is the main tributary of the renowned Spey. Descending from the mountains to the south it flows past Tomintoul, then north east along Strathavon before joining the Spey at Ballindalloch. Excellent salmon fishing can be enjoyed from late May until the end of season.

The River Livet

The Livet is the main tributary of the Avon. Fed by burns descending from the Ladder Hills, it passes down Glenlivet to join the Avon below Drumin Castle. Its main interest is for Brown Trout. Although it is one of the most productive spawning tributaries of the Spey, salmon do not usually penetrate far up the river until late season.

Fishing Permits

The fishing rights on the Glenlivet Estate are leased by the Crown Estate to local hotels, the Estate's sporting tenant and to community fishing associations. Anyone wanting to fish on the Rivers Avon or Livet must first obtain a permit from the repective leaseholder and these permits restrict fishing to the leaseholders beat only. Some of the leaseholders have specific restrictions on their individual beats (times and numbers of rods etc) and these are all explained on their permits. The beats held by hotels and the Estate sporting tenant (Kylnadrochit Lodge) are generally only available for respective residents/guests. However non-residents are welcome to fish at certain times subject to availability. Permits for fishing the community waters are generally more easily available for non-residents of these hotels.

River Avon Fishing Association

River Avon Fishing Association

Permits available for superb Brown Trout, Sea Trout and Salmon fishing on three beats of the River Avon near Tomintoul.

Salmon from the River Avon

Salmon from the River Avon

The traditional fishing seasons for salmon and sea trout on local rivers are:

Salmon 12 February - 30 September
Trout 15 March - 30 October
Fishing is not generally allowed on Sunday by tradition
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